Lost Puppy

Almost two years ago to the week, we bought a black teacup poodle while Big Daddy was away on a fishing trip. Since Kenley had open heart surgery only weeks earlier, it didn’t take me long to realize that this new puppy, was too much for the single mom with a 3 year old, and 1 year old with a broken sternum.

My best friend Courtney quickly came to the rescue finding a new home for the puppy within 24 hours. Best decision I ever made, at that time, was to give ‘Princess’ to a new home.

Alas, Britton wanted to know where ‘Princess’ went. All I came up with, ‘she went to the vet because she was sick’. Britton, being the deep ponderer that she is, quickly calculated the fact that Princess wasn’t coming home. She would ask me where the vet was, and to this day, anytime we pass the vet’s road she points and says, ‘that’s where Princess went and never came back’.

So I was a little surprised when she walked into the house yesterday with a pile of signs and scotch tape- ready to post her signs all over the neighborhood. Mind you, the dog has been gone for two years.

Two years!

AND… AND we have Poochie now. Shouldn’t that be a total replacement? I had to take a photo of the sign, because I love that it was made out of such honesty.

‘She went to the vet and never came back’