Fall Has Arrived!

Aunt Dee Dee with her great nieces- Kenley was a little scared of the talking Monster!
Enjoying a chilly carriage ride at a Halloween Bash

Kenley looking like my Dad!

Enjoying the first cool fall morning at the neighborhood pumpkin patch.

Britton showing off her straight hair and pink lips! Got to love the self confidence!!

Kenley’s face painted as a puppy- she would “woof” when people commented how cute it was!

Britton the TIGER!

Kenley looking at the pumpkin with warts or a virus, we aren’t really sure…

This is my new favorite photo. The little cheerleader!

Fall is here– lovebirds and owls are happy everywhere!

Finally fall is here!

The tempature has dropped quickly from high 80s to low 50s! We visited our neighborhood pumpkin patch today- and went to a friend’s Halloween party.