Poochie stands her ground

Below is an email I reeived from my father in law. They are currently
babysitting our puppy for us.

Begin forwarded message:

Our return was eventful: stopped for gas just before getting to the
FL Turnpike. Janet went inside to potty; I gas up. After finishing, I tried to open the car door. You guessed it…..locked!!!!! Poochie had stepped on the door- lock button!
My keys were in the ignition and Janet’s were in the side pocket in the door.
So, I called AAA and they were to respond immediately as “a dog” was locked in. Then Janet had the idea of trying to “run” Poochie back- and-forth across the console in hopes of hitting the button again. She on one side of the car and I on the other, we called “Poochie” then exchanged places. After several attempts, IT WORKED!!!! We got back on the road and arrived about 7:30.
Know y’all are having great fun. We’re going to bed…



A britton’ism

While snuggling on the be last night, I accidently elbowed Britton in
the stomach.

"oww, you hurt my contestants" she said.

Intestines. Funny kid.

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A good daddy's idea to kill time while waiting at the charter bus stop:

Dirty hands+ no hand sanitizer= cotton candy!

Thankfulness list

Here is a list of things our family is thankful for:

B- friend and family
K- friends and family
M- my health and the health of our family
B- that I dint have swine flu anymore
K- I said frends and family. Mrs. M (teacher) and Gracie (best friend)
G- God, my family, job, home, health, poochie
B- Jesus and God
B- food Nd drinks Nd my love of animAls and sunny days!

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