Fancy Nancy

Kenley ‘registering’ for her Christmas list with Mommy at the Fancy Nancy bookstore party.

We went to a Fancy Nancy party at a local bookstore Saturday morning.

Kenley was enthralled- Britton, not so much. Kenley enjoyed attentively listening to the stories, sipping the cocoa, and coloring. Britton, on the other hand, was determined for find a toy for under $7 she could buy.

Apparently, Pops built her a magic wand recently that makes dollar bills appear. She has managed to save up $7. Needless to say, we left the bookstore with a long Christmas list, Fancy Nancy binoculars, a gift and the ever-repeated-question of ‘Why won’t you get my that X (fill in the blank with the toy of the moment)?’ I managed to snap a quick photo with my phone, as the battery in my “good” camera was dead when I pulled out for priceless photo moments.