Fundraiser Dinner

We hosted a party last night to raise funds for our children’s school. While we pay tuition for their education, tuition alone does not cover these costs. The fund helps to bridge that gap making education more accessible to everyone by keeping tuition down.

We invited 20 couples (20 students in PreK3)- only 3 couples came. 6 regretted ahead of time. Three! We had cleaned, shopped, cooked, set up, arranged flowers, arranged childcare (thank you sassy and pops), Big Daddy took off work– for three!

That says something on a couple of diferent levels- 1. Some people have no class– I mean manners.

2. They don’t understand the importance of the fund – therefore they don’t want to attend an event asking for their contribution.

In the end, it all worked out as our favorite friends came for some yummy good, tasty red wine, and fun times!