Photos from This weekend

We had a busy weekend- beginning with an early release day Friday. We started with a picnic as the park, followed by movie night with girls (Cinderlla- Kenley’s pick). Daddy went hunting for a couple nights and Saturday morning we went to Fancy Nancy tea party, I had a baby shower for ‘Aunt Coco’s’ sister, then a wedding last night (girls spend the night out), Sunday school this morning, lunch, Nutcracker’s winter candyland with Sassy and DeeDee (the girls), visit with Meme, shopping with Big Daddy (date), and wow- we are tired tonight!

Getting excited for Christmas and the Nutcracker!

Swinging at the park- after our picnic Friday afternoon.

Cowboy boots – that how she rolls.

Big Daddy shot a big buck this weekend in Georgia, and was very happy- Depsite how grumpy he has been all day.

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