Still Sick

Britton asleep on our bathroom floor after visiting the pediatrician and radiologist. The CT scan was not fun. The blue plastic ‘thing’ is her throw up bag – which luckily we didnt have to use.

Britton had the stomach bug on Sunday (and early Monday of this week). She was ill from both ends but the bug left just as quickly as it came.

This morning, she started complaning of a stomach ache again and said she thought she was going to be sick. Her tempature started at a low 99.9 and climed throughout the day.

We ended up in our pediatricians offices this afternoon where tempature soared to 103 and Britton started throwing up in the waiting room. Britton’s right lower abdomen was sore so we were sent over to the pediatric radiologist for a CT scan.

Turns out, to scan the lower pelvic area an IV dye AND enema are given. Needless to say this was quite the tramatic experience for Britton.

On top of all this, B is also having trouble in the UT area- getting tests on that now.

She has falled back asleep after taking some anti-nausea medicine. She hasn’t had but maybe 20 calories today.

Kenley is spending the night with her Sassy tonight so she can:
a. Stay away from Britton
b. Have sassy take her to preschool tomorrow (Big Daddy hunting in the morning before work.. Um hum, I’ll refrain from commenting here)
c. Get some attention

Thank you Sassy! She also watched K for several hours this afternoon while we jumped from doctors office to doctors office- and picked up prescription and drove it out to our house tonight.

I am saying a prayer that she feels better tomorrow.

Poor girl- I always worry about Kenley because of her heart defect, but B seems to be the one to catch everything from MRSA (twice), H1N1, Fifths disease, Stomach Flu, cold, etc.