Christma Day 2009

We’ve had a fabulous Christmas celebration. Britton’s Mexican Fiesta dinner, church service, traditional Christmas eve party at friend’s house, birthday singing to Jesus, presents, both grandparents house, whew! What a fun-and-busy-packed 24 hours.

Best gift to the girls: playhouse that their Pops built. Probably around 300 man hours in it, plus thousands of dollars for lumber/supplies. It comes complete with electricity, french door bell, base boards, Brazilian cherry floors, matching exterior to our home, screens, window casing, drywall… Pops way outdid himself- with a hurt shoulder too!

Finally, after 3 years this blog has been turned into a book. My mom printed years 2007 and 2008! Now my babies will have all the funny stories and childhood memories in a beautiful pink hardbound book for their children to read one day.

Big Daddy also outdid himself by ‘bejeweling’ me, as my Mom pointed out. I do not deserve such gifts- being a mom and wife is what I enjoy doing. Apparently, he seems to think I do these things well and loves me for doing them day in and out! Sweet boy I married, I must say.