With Britton having missed so much school last week (and again today) her first grade teacher had a pile of make up homework for her.

She finally felt well enough to work on it Sunday afternoon. She studied her spelling words (seat, feet, soap, etc) and I was to give her the spelling test which included the 10 weekly spelling words, 6 challenge words and dictation.

When it came test time, Britton became nervous, questioned her answers, missed words she knew, couldn’t write complete dictated sentences.

Following the test, she had a melt down because she wanted an E++. The only way to obtain an E++ is by getting all the spelling words AND challenge words correct.

Such the over acheiver.

Big Daddy and I tried telling her that doing her best was all she could do, that she did a great job, we were proud of her, etc.

But none of our encouragement seemed to help.

That night I watched what my husband would call, a very Garrett-ish movie this weekend calling ‘Facing the Giants’. Poor acting but a great message.

It was filmed in the South, and tells the story of a coach who turns his down and out high school football team around. He does this by encouraging them to play, giving each play their all. And reminds the boys that everything they do should be for the glory of God.

If they win, they will praise God.

And if they lose, they will praise God.

In the end, the team wins state and the coach’s personal life has also turned around.

I think the movie has an important lesson that can transend to any life- particularly a childs.

I now tell Britton that anything is possible with God, but she has to give it her very best.

If she wants an E++, and studies hard, she may very well earn that E++ she so badly desires.

My hope is that by reminding her of this over and over, she will grow into an individual who tells themself first that they can- not that they ‘cannot’.

Actions follows beliefs.