Brittons new dress with French Seam

Geez, look at the difference between my Canon (above) and iPhone (below)…

My wise owl! Britton choose the fabric for her dress.

Valentine Tops for Church

Britton’s Valentine’s Top

I have been a busy little (sewing) bee this weekend! I made each girl their own ‘Valentine’ Top. Kenley’s is slightly different. 

While at the fabric store today, I ended up buying enough fabric to make 8 dresses. Yes, that’s right. Eight!
Which isn’t a bad thing considering I had to make myself NOT go to my friend’s (children’s) clothing trunk show today. For $60 I can buy one dress, or make 8 one-of-a-kind-dresses for $80..
Made the ol’ husband proud.
Too bad he has already gone to sleep or I could be just a sewing away all night.

Oh- and new blog label entitled Sew Fun Clothes.



Britton getting ready for Wednesday night ‘Girls in Action’ at church
I was raised Episcopalian, now a Methodist raising my children, who takes my older daughter to the nearby Baptist church for GA’s (Girls in Action) on Wednesday nights.
And my little B loves it. Except for the singing, of course. Unless there is a shiny costume involved, singing is not at the top of her list.
Yesterday, she changed out of her plaid, pleated school uniform, quickly ate her luke-warm canned spaghettios (there- I said it, I didn’t cook last night), picked out her outfit (cowboy boots and polka dots) and proceeded to gather every book in her room that had the word God, Bible, or Testament on it.
She walked sideways as she carried an oversized, cloth Fresh Market shopping bag filled with an assortment of her “bible books”.  I had to snap a quick shot with my iphone. Her and her pink, diamond studded bible…
Meanwhile, this afternoon as Kenley and I were walking Britton into her weekly drama class Kenley starts skipping with her blonde, shorter-than-ever-bob a new song ‘Lou, Lou, Skip to my Lou.. skip to my Lou my darling’.

Every day it’s a new song, a new story, a new boyfriend. Christopher is her boyfriend. Today. Christopher is her boyfriend today.  While me and the girls were discussing boyfriends, and I clarified to Britton that she couldn’t really have a boyfriend yet.. because she couldn’t date until she is 30.

Thirty? Britton thought that was a little old. So countered at 16. I concurred.

Britton was elated that she could being dating at 16- saying that it would be “very soon”.

Oh… say it isn’t so.

Tears and Socks

I’ve had a rough week.. maybe the combonation of taking 4 hormones a day and being at my friends house unpacking (see last post).  So you can imagine how I chuckled when I read the below email from the school nurse.

“Dear Garret, While it is fine for Britton to have the vaccine even though she has had the flu, unfortunately, the Health Department is only administering 2nd doses at this particular school clinic. They have set up an information phone line, 000-8070, where they update on a weekly basis the times and locations of their regular flu shot clinics. Britton would be able to receive a 1st dose at one of those clinics. Sorry the school clinics did not work out for her.

FYI–She came in the other day in her Valentine socks and was adorable as usual. She really is a delight and has a vocabulary beyond her years. She did not overstay her clinic visit, she stated her business, took care of things and was on her way, she’s a character!

Jean R., RN
School Nurse”

Britton can commonly be seen at the school clinic. Her teacher’s aide has teased her that Britton’s best friends at the nurses.

Just last week, I got a call from Nurse Jean. She said, ‘Britton is in the clinic complaining of a stomach ache. She said she recently had a UTI and thinks she has one again.’

I explained to Nurse Jean that no, Britton hasn’t had an UTI (although while at Disney over Thanksgiving we thought she might). Please give her water and a snack- and call me if it gets worse.

Nurse Jean then replied, ‘That’s what I thought. She usually comes in here when she has PE. But today is Friday so I know she has drama. I’m sure she’ll eat her snack and scoot on her way.”

I just chuckled that they know her so well!

I also received this email from her 1st grade teacher today (don’t you just love technology!) when I gave her the heads up that Britton has a fat lip today. She was riding her scooter yesterday when she fell and hit the handle bars.  By the  time Mike came home from work, all three of us were in tears. He just looked at his 3 girls and said, “Who wants to go to TCBY?!”

“Britton showed me “look at my fat lip Mrs. B.” that must-of hurt I said then she told the whole story as only our Britton can do! I just adore her-don’t tell anyone our secret! I must not have favorites!!

Mrs. B”


This weekend I received a Caring Bridge email. My friend’s baby boy has been at Shands since October 2009 fighting cancer.  They received MRI results on Friday that his cancer has progressed and there is no further treatment for him. Just the thought of that takes my breath away.

The doctors said they would be sending him home to be with his parents and twin brother for his remaining time.  I’m sure its an age old question- that everyone asks at some point. Why? 

I cannot imagine how you get through something like this.  The furthest my mind can grasp is the ‘This isn’t happening to me’. ‘This is surreal- the doctors aren’t talking about my child’.  ‘I will wake up in a minute since this is just a bad dream.’ Luckily, for us, that’s as far as my experience runs. 

On Sunday, our pastor gave what I believe to be one of his best sermons.

It was entitled “Be Realistic”. He said (and I am paraphrasing) that when bad news comes (and no one is immune to it) be it an illness, addiction, or maybe worse- when a loved one is hurting- the evil darkness (that exists in this world) comes over you.

Nothing can take that darkness away- not your faith, the bible or your friends and family.

The light of Jesus Chris, however, is stronger than the darkness.

I sat in the congregation just nodding my head, thinking how right he is. 

I wish my girlfriend could have heard the sermon- as she prepares to watch her baby boy journey to heaven.

When someone is hurting, my first instinct is send a comforting scripture, tell them God has a plan- when sometimes it is just the evil in the world without explanation, no ‘perfect scripture’, no words to be said other than ‘I am sorry’.

It felt nice, and a relief, to hear a clergy man verbalize this same sentiment.

For those of you wanting to hear the sermon in its entirety, it is posted on our church website at (look for the January 24, 2010 sermon).

This friend recently bought a home in our neighborhood and has yet to move in.  Their hope has been to bring their son home- however he isn’t stable enough to leave the hospital as of today.

However they will be home one day. So tomorrow a few of us are meeting at their new home to unpack boxes and help get the kitchen situated. It will be one less thing on their plate- and it makes us ‘mere onlookers’ feel useful.

Please put this family in your prayers, as they face the darkness, pray that they continue to feel the light of Christ shining upon their family.

Grandma’s are for Spoiling

55 degrees at the Sunny Ponte Vedra  Inn

We are on the interstate traveling home when I received an email from my Mom. She has been babysitting Kenley (while Nana and Gan watch Britton) while Mike and I went to Ponte Vedra Beach for a meeting. Love love the Ponte Vedra Inn! We went there for our 7 year anniversary a couple years ago.

Once I saw the photo in the email (which I will figure out how to post later) I looked at Mike and said, Mom has K shopping again. She has her toys laid out in the aisle trying to make a decision.”

I’ve seen Mom stand in the Target toy aisle for 30 minutes in Gainesville. No lie– 30 minutes!

Meanwhile, Nana is having Britton deliberate over which movie they are going to see this afternoon. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ or ‘Toothfairy’. Decisions, decisions.

Meanwhile, we may just keep driving on over to the other side of the state for a few more nights…

Oh wait, my oldest and first friend Mary Heather has her engagement party tonight. Would not miss that. We will come home afterall.