Families That Play Together… Stay Together

We started out this “extra weekend day” highly productive. We took my car across today to meet our insurance adjustor at the body shop. Last month, while pregnant and over scheduled I backed into a tree. $1,700 later, I will be getting a new tail light and bumper.

Then Mike and I took the girls on a 4.5 mile run/walk in our neighborhood. It was a beautiful day- and the girls hardly fought (of course that could have been because I packed a picnic for them to munch on while we ran).

Mike replaced air filters, washed cars, and organized the garage.

Although it is MLK day, I found out several exec’s at my office were working when I started getting phone calls. So I worked remotely for about 3 hours- until we decided to head to the farm.

So we load up the old kitchen table, along with the 4 wheeler onto our trailor- and start the 35 minute drive north.

Once we arrive at our “farm”, Mike makes a wide turn entering our driveway, as to get the trailor and SUV onto the small driveway.


The left side of our Tahoe falls into a ditch- I look out my passenger side window and see the back tire IN THE AIR!

At this point I am thinking, ‘the car is about to fall over- how do I get the kids out?’

But Mike assures me it’s not going to flip- as he suggests getting them out and taking the trailor off.

Long story short, he tries to reverse since the Tahoe is straddling a deep ditch, only to pull off the grill and bumper.

Do I need to remind you that we started off the day at the body shop with MY SUV?

I said it last month (after my accident), and I’ll say it again- at least nobody was hurt.

We tried to redeem the afternoon by getting our contractor to pull us out with a Tractor (yes, this is the South) followed by a fun family 4-Wheeler ride around the farm.

On the plus side of no longer being pregnant, I realized two things today. 1) I was not naucious while driving to the farm this time and 2) I fit much better onto the 4-Wheeler without a tummy sticking into Kenley’s back (yes, all 4 of us sit on the seat). Hey, got to look at the silver lining.

And finally, capped off the long weekend with a new Beth Moore Bible study at my house (Daniel).

Another weekend gone, another week on the horizan. What oh what will this week bring?