Britton getting ready for Wednesday night ‘Girls in Action’ at church
I was raised Episcopalian, now a Methodist raising my children, who takes my older daughter to the nearby Baptist church for GA’s (Girls in Action) on Wednesday nights.
And my little B loves it. Except for the singing, of course. Unless there is a shiny costume involved, singing is not at the top of her list.
Yesterday, she changed out of her plaid, pleated school uniform, quickly ate her luke-warm canned spaghettios (there- I said it, I didn’t cook last night), picked out her outfit (cowboy boots and polka dots) and proceeded to gather every book in her room that had the word God, Bible, or Testament on it.
She walked sideways as she carried an oversized, cloth Fresh Market shopping bag filled with an assortment of her “bible books”.  I had to snap a quick shot with my iphone. Her and her pink, diamond studded bible…
Meanwhile, this afternoon as Kenley and I were walking Britton into her weekly drama class Kenley starts skipping with her blonde, shorter-than-ever-bob a new song ‘Lou, Lou, Skip to my Lou.. skip to my Lou my darling’.

Every day it’s a new song, a new story, a new boyfriend. Christopher is her boyfriend. Today. Christopher is her boyfriend today.  While me and the girls were discussing boyfriends, and I clarified to Britton that she couldn’t really have a boyfriend yet.. because she couldn’t date until she is 30.

Thirty? Britton thought that was a little old. So countered at 16. I concurred.

Britton was elated that she could being dating at 16- saying that it would be “very soon”.

Oh… say it isn’t so.