Britton for President!

Finally! Some warmer weather. We took advantage of the 65 degree weather with a quick trip to our local park after school.

For Christmas, Santa brought each of the girls a place mat. Britton’s has photos of all 43 US presidents. Kenley’s has the alphabet.

Britton loves her Presidents, especially Barack Obama (which is funny since both parents are registered Republicians). She looks at them everynight, wants to know who was President when she was born. Who was President when I was born? Who was President what Daddy was born?

Last night, while sitting down to Chicken Parmasean and salad, Britton asked her Daddy if he could run for President. Mike explained to her that he was too old to be President, because you have to get into ‘politics’ early, and he wasn’t in politics.

She then asked if she could be President, even though there have been no girl Presidents.

As every parent tells their children when they ask this exact question, we said “Ofcourse”!

She said that she ran for Student Council, but Ramsey won the class room election. Who knew that Student Council started in 1st grade?!

Britton for President!