Grandma’s are for Spoiling

55 degrees at the Sunny Ponte Vedra  Inn

We are on the interstate traveling home when I received an email from my Mom. She has been babysitting Kenley (while Nana and Gan watch Britton) while Mike and I went to Ponte Vedra Beach for a meeting. Love love the Ponte Vedra Inn! We went there for our 7 year anniversary a couple years ago.

Once I saw the photo in the email (which I will figure out how to post later) I looked at Mike and said, Mom has K shopping again. She has her toys laid out in the aisle trying to make a decision.”

I’ve seen Mom stand in the Target toy aisle for 30 minutes in Gainesville. No lie– 30 minutes!

Meanwhile, Nana is having Britton deliberate over which movie they are going to see this afternoon. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ or ‘Toothfairy’. Decisions, decisions.

Meanwhile, we may just keep driving on over to the other side of the state for a few more nights…

Oh wait, my oldest and first friend Mary Heather has her engagement party tonight. Would not miss that. We will come home afterall.