Happy Go Lucky

Yesterday when I picked K up from Preschool, one of the teacher’s walked over to the car to tell me (again) how much they LOVE having Kenley there. Mrs. H said, “She is just SO happy, ALL the time. Even our new teacher noticed right away. She just has a smile on her face all the time and such a great personality”.

I told her, “She is always happy. Sometimes I wonder what is she so happy about? But I think she is just happy to be alive.”


I think K is just one of those kids that IS happy to be alive.

And for good reason too.

Maybe there will come a time when her ordeal at Shands will become nothing more than a distant memory. But not a day goes by, when the fright of that experience escapes me.

Thank you Lord for this little girl!

“I am with you ALWAYS.”
- Matthew 28:20