Britton and Kenley attended a horse back riding birthday party recently, on an extremly COLD day.

When asked what Britton wants to be when she grows up, the answer doesn’t change.

A horse back rider instructor and scientist. (which is funny because Britton has never taken lessons, much less instructed others on how to mount and jump a horse).

Kenley on the other hand wasn’t so sure about this whole horse back riding….

Which reminds me of a story that MY mom tells, to this day.

When my sister and I were younger she took us to our first horse back riding lesson.

She rolled up to the stables in her large canoe-like white sedan. We excitedly jumped out in our boots and blue jeans- eager to get on top the horses.

One hour later, my mom returns in her large sedan (did I mention just how large her cars were- woo wee!).

We climbed into the back of the car and buckled our seat belts.

She asks, “So girls, how was it?!”

Me- “Yuck! We had to clean the poop out of the horse’s hooves.”

Sara Britton – “Awesome! We got to clean the poop out of the horse’s hooves.”

Sara Britton went onto ride for years, traveling the state with our Dad competing at horse shows on her ponies ‘Stitches’ and ‘Howdy’. Turns out it was a great way for her and our father to bond, and spend time together. She is lucky to have had that time with him, since our Dad died while Sara Britton was only 16 years old.

Different personalities is just want one of the attributes that make each of our children such a special gift from our Lord.