Every parent wants to have a child with ambition. But what do you do when your child is an overachiever? When an ‘E’ isn’t good enough? When Friday’s CHALLENGE words cause worry and concern beginning Monday.

I have explained to Britton that doing her BEST, is all she can do (and all we want her to do).

But to Britton, doing HER best, isn’t enough. She is constantly comparing herself to V, in her class, who “always” makes an E++ on her spelling test. She told me that V is “perfect”.


Let’s back up Britton. I explained to her that no one was perfect, except for Jesus. She said, ‘well YOU always got E+’s’. Huh? Nope- not sure where she got that information but I quickly told her that wasn’t the case in an attempt to bring down her expectations of herself a tad.

She was not pleased with her quarterly report card that was sent home yesterday. Her parents, on the other hand, were so proud.

My blog- my brag rights.

Below are her grades Q2 of 1st grade- mind you she is the second youngest in the entire class.

Art E
Computer E
Drama E
Library E
Music E
Science Lab E
Handwriting S+ (still MY hardest subject!)
Language E- (up from S+)
Math E- (up from S+)
Reading E (up from S+)
Science E
Social Studies E
Spelling E-
Writing Composition S+

Her teacher added:

Britton continues to show excellent growth in all areas. Her happy, friendly spirit keeps all of us in a good mood!

I hope this is a phase, that she will grow out of. I don’t want her to always feel like she is falling short because she is not on top. But at that same time, I want to balance her ambition and vivaciousness.

Edited to Add: I made the mistake of making flash cards this morning for B’s spelling words. On three seperate occasions she took them out to study- and all three times she said she was ill and about to vomit. Ended up at the clinic twice today, the nurse called me. This evening I called my friend who is also our pediatrician. She instinctivly said, that B was upset about something, possibly the miscarriage (at this time I didn’t put the anxiety over test + illness = together).

Leave it to Big Daddy to be in tune with his little girl. He hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what happended. She got so worked up worrying about how to make an E++ on a test, that it has been making her physically ill.

Oh, my over achiever baby. I am just average.

And I turned out okay.