After my first miscarriage in 2005, a friend had suggested we plant a tree in our yard to remember the baby. At the time, I thought it was a great idea although I never got around to planting the tree.

I always regretted that we didn’t do this.

Although we no longer live in that house, I thought it would have been neat to see how big that baby, I mean tree, would be today.

Well last week, the day after my D&E I pulled into my driveway to find a HUGE Japanese Magnolia tree sitting in my driveway! My sweet friends Andrea and Erikka delivered it to our house. Oh how I love Japanese Magnolias!

Our first house on Silver Maple Drive had a Japanese Magnolia tree by the driveway. Back when I didn’t know a thing about plants and trees, I had always taken notice to this particular type of tree. Cutting off the blooms, and sticking them around our newlywed home in little vases.

Well wouldn’t you know that Andrea and Erikka got us this very same tree!

Mike and I found the perfect spot for it in our yard- after much thought and contemplation.

And today, after church- Mike and Britton planted our little tree. It has buds on it already, reminding us that blooms and warm weather are just around the corner.

Now I can forever more look out my window, and see how big my baby has grown.

Thank you my sweet friends for such a special gift!

“Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”
- John 13:7