Sunday Again

Some weeks the days go by so slow you think it will never end.

Then there are those weeks that fly by so fast, you may have only just blinked.

This was on of those weeks.

We had our usual full week of school and afternoon activities. Then you throw in the Thomasville Antique Show Preview (cocktail) party on a Thursday night,  back to Thomasville to hear a lecture on Saturday, followed by lunch and shopping, taking dinner to our sweet friends who recently lost their baby boy, laundry, playdates, cooking.. And then poof!  It’s Sunday and a new week has begun all over again.

Now I am not one to give fashion tips or decorating tips- because let’s face it- most of my clothes come from Target. But a well known interior designer, Laura Hunt, delivered the lecture on Saturday and it was amazing. Her website is She has the ability to create beautiful homes that you can still sit and relax it. Not an easy combonation to concoct.

Now it’s time to rally the troops for Sunday school and church. Big Daddy needs to stay behind to begin sprucing up the house for the baby shower I am hosting for my best friend in 2 weeks with 50 guests!

Let the honey do list begin….


All About Me

To celebrate  each child, Britton’s first grade class has an ‘All About Me’ bulletin board. The board showcases a different child each week.  The child fills out a questionnaire, which is distributed to all the students in the class.

Each Friday, they turn in a short essay about their friend (teaches about the introduction, main part, conclusion, etc.).

With an R, Britton has been waiting patiently.

Ta dah!

Britton is the All About Me this week.

Here is the form we completed and turned in (in Britton’s words).

When I grow up, I want to be: a Vet, or scientist, or a horse back riding instructor

My Favorite book is Fairies and Magical Creations

My favorite color is red

I would like to travel to the North Pole (cold) and the Desert (warm)

The people in my family are Mommy, Daddy, Kenley and “Poochie”, and me

My favorite T.V. show is Ben 10 and Johnny Test

My favorite food is shrimp and pizza…. and any candy

I’m special because I love people

My favorite sport is soccer and tennis

My favorite thing about me is that I help people

My pets “Poochie and nothing else”

I love my family, people, Jesus and God

My favorite thing to do is play games like BINGO- a board game

My birthday is July 9, 2003

6th Grade Dance

After school today, Kenley had a birthday party at a large ‘Bounce House’.

This meant I had 1hour to kill after school. So I picked up my girls + a friend and met another mom and her kids + a friend.  We took them to Chic Filet where they could play on a dry, indoor playground and run around barefoot (what?!) and screaming like most 3 year olds tend to do.

Being the germ-o-phobic person that I am, you can imagine my face when I caught Kenley pressing her nose and wide open mouth against the glass pane window in the playground area, waving at me like crazy with a proud smile on her face.

After spending an hour at Chic Filet, I loaded up the little girls in my car to head to the 4:00 birthday party. They were giggling, buckling in, chatting away, and asking me to turn up the music.

I had a sudden onset of deja vous, and was immediately taken back in time to 1988 when I had my first middle school Lafayette Dance (which is essentially a dance for all middle schoolers in our city). 

I can remember like it was yesterday, getting ready with my friends Charlotte, Andrea, Courtney, Shea and Erikka- at Charlotte’s house off Highway 90.

I remember the car we rode in.
I remember what song was playing on the radio.

(I remember how shocked I was by how people slow danced!)

Andrea’s mom picked us up in her big, long, brown Lexus. I  can remember because I had never seen such a big, long, nice car like that before. On the way to the dance, Red Red Wine by UB40 was on the radio.

And so it was today.

My girls in the back seat, with now ME, driving them to the Lafayette Dance birthday party.

Full circle.


Off the Beaten Path

My car has been at the dealership since Tuesday (loonnng story- don’t ever buy aftermarket DVD players)- so I have been driving my favorite family SUV- the Tahoe.

After I drove the girls to school this morning (just seems dangerous to have them in car seats in a tiny Jeep Wrangler with Daddy) Mike called to see if I wanted to meet for breakfast.

So I came home, picked him up, and we went down the road to a yummy breakfast restaurant overlooking a little lake with bright blue skies, duck swimming, and no wait! We went over our household finances-  as I have been asking him to help me put together an updated budget for some time. Getting a Certified Financial Planner to dedicate time to his household finances is, suprisingly, no easy task!

So we took our meeting “offsite”.

Not only did we get unbelivable bacon, the best cheese grits ever and a solid budget… but we also decided to start  having a breakfast date the first week of every month.

What a perfect date- kids are in school (no sitter to schedule and pay), everyone is at work (no wait) and it starts the day by reminding us what is really important – each other.

Heart Awareness Week

The above link takes you to an article that was published on the front page of the newspaper on Saturday. The article, which focused on CHD, featured Kenley among several other local children.

While I had hoped the Democrat would focus on how healthy these kids are, despite CHD, it was slanted more towards what they couldn’t do. Why else would I send in a photo of my baby riding her bicycle with a huge smile on her dimpled face?

Frankly, there is nothing that Kenley cannot do. Her defect has all but been repaired and she is a healthy, happy… TANK.

In fact, I am working on a new sewing project for her which involves blue jeans. I bought her a 5T jean thinking she could “grow” into them. Wasn’t I surprised when I couldn’t button them!

In PreK 3 this year, she is wearing Britton’s uniform pants from Kindergarten.

And to think the Democrat would print that my baby “suffers” from anything. Pleeasseeee.