6th Grade Dance

After school today, Kenley had a birthday party at a large ‘Bounce House’.

This meant I had 1hour to kill after school. So I picked up my girls + a friend and met another mom and her kids + a friend.  We took them to Chic Filet where they could play on a dry, indoor playground and run around barefoot (what?!) and screaming like most 3 year olds tend to do.

Being the germ-o-phobic person that I am, you can imagine my face when I caught Kenley pressing her nose and wide open mouth against the glass pane window in the playground area, waving at me like crazy with a proud smile on her face.

After spending an hour at Chic Filet, I loaded up the little girls in my car to head to the 4:00 birthday party. They were giggling, buckling in, chatting away, and asking me to turn up the music.

I had a sudden onset of deja vous, and was immediately taken back in time to 1988 when I had my first middle school Lafayette Dance (which is essentially a dance for all middle schoolers in our city). 

I can remember like it was yesterday, getting ready with my friends Charlotte, Andrea, Courtney, Shea and Erikka- at Charlotte’s house off Highway 90.

I remember the car we rode in.
I remember what song was playing on the radio.

(I remember how shocked I was by how people slow danced!)

Andrea’s mom picked us up in her big, long, brown Lexus. I  can remember because I had never seen such a big, long, nice car like that before. On the way to the dance, Red Red Wine by UB40 was on the radio.

And so it was today.

My girls in the back seat, with now ME, driving them to the Lafayette Dance birthday party.

Full circle.