All About Me

To celebrate  each child, Britton’s first grade class has an ‘All About Me’ bulletin board. The board showcases a different child each week.  The child fills out a questionnaire, which is distributed to all the students in the class.

Each Friday, they turn in a short essay about their friend (teaches about the introduction, main part, conclusion, etc.).

With an R, Britton has been waiting patiently.

Ta dah!

Britton is the All About Me this week.

Here is the form we completed and turned in (in Britton’s words).

When I grow up, I want to be: a Vet, or scientist, or a horse back riding instructor

My Favorite book is Fairies and Magical Creations

My favorite color is red

I would like to travel to the North Pole (cold) and the Desert (warm)

The people in my family are Mommy, Daddy, Kenley and “Poochie”, and me

My favorite T.V. show is Ben 10 and Johnny Test

My favorite food is shrimp and pizza…. and any candy

I’m special because I love people

My favorite sport is soccer and tennis

My favorite thing about me is that I help people

My pets “Poochie and nothing else”

I love my family, people, Jesus and God

My favorite thing to do is play games like BINGO- a board game

My birthday is July 9, 2003