Be Mine?

Happy Valentines!

What a sunny, chilly, un-normal Sunday morning for us. In lieu of church, we enjoyed a nice breakfast at a neighborhood restaurant (no, I didn’t have to cook- or clean for that matter) followed by some down town at home with HBO and a fire.

My valentines gift was suppose to have been wrapped into my over the top Christmas gift from my husband. For whatever reason, he decided to change his plan and spoil me yet again.  He gave me a sweet ‘You-are-the-sweetest-miracle-my-heart-has-ever-known card, in which he handwrote,

“Dear Garrett, with each passing year you become even more beautiful than the last. This Valentine’s Day. I would like you to have the gift of a “brighter smile” and something that smells as beutiful as you are both inside and out.
Love, Mike”

Yea! I have been wanting to have a brighter smile for a long time- but read that you can’t do it when pregnant. Well, being that now is the optimal time for that self indulgence AND some pretty perfume (and jewelery) never hurt anyone.

The girls, on the other hand, were surprised with candy and new glitzy tennis shoes this morning. 

Next celebration stop- Kenley’s 4th Birthday. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight because the next stop will be here before you know it!

Valentine’s Morning 2010
Kenley opening her Valentine gifts
New Sparkly Tennis Shoes