Father/Daughter Valentine Dance

Getting ready to leave for the Valentine dance
Britton breaking it down in the middle of the dance floor- by herself too!
Kenley and her buddies
The Daddies and their girls
Both of our children attended the Annual Father Daughter Valentines dance at their school last night. 
As a parent, it was such a treat to watch let me tell you.
From the primping to the dancing to the delirious-ism at the end of the night- whew, what a night it was.
I learned something. Having two girls to get ready- takes HOURS. Dance began at 7 pm so we began bubble baths and fingernails at 4:30 thinking that would be plenty of time. Oh no. Not nearly.
We had to wash hair, brush teeth, blow dry hair, hot roll hair, pick out outfits, get dressed, accessorize, perfume ourselves, lip stick, flowers, photos, dinner date with Daddy… and that’s all before they even got there.
Knowing that up the road, and just around the corner, there will come a time where we need to drop them off in the parking lot, pray they don’t drink at the dance, and hope they make it home for curfew. Nevermind the fact that having their parent’s chaperogne the dance would the most uncool thing to ever happen.
So I sent my girlfriends on down to the beach, so I could stay back and take it all in last night. And oh was it worth it!
To see them dancing to the Top 10 music, dancing with groups of girls, looking for their friends, getting excited over pink cupcakes and lemonade, screaming the music lyrics… It was just too much!