Heart Awareness Week


The above link takes you to an article that was published on the front page of the newspaper on Saturday. The article, which focused on CHD, featured Kenley among several other local children.

While I had hoped the Democrat would focus on how healthy these kids are, despite CHD, it was slanted more towards what they couldn’t do. Why else would I send in a photo of my baby riding her bicycle with a huge smile on her dimpled face?

Frankly, there is nothing that Kenley cannot do. Her defect has all but been repaired and she is a healthy, happy… TANK.

In fact, I am working on a new sewing project for her which involves blue jeans. I bought her a 5T jean thinking she could “grow” into them. Wasn’t I surprised when I couldn’t button them!

In PreK 3 this year, she is wearing Britton’s uniform pants from Kindergarten.

And to think the Democrat would print that my baby “suffers” from anything. Pleeasseeee.