Off the Beaten Path

My car has been at the dealership since Tuesday (loonnng story- don’t ever buy aftermarket DVD players)- so I have been driving my favorite family SUV- the Tahoe.

After I drove the girls to school this morning (just seems dangerous to have them in car seats in a tiny Jeep Wrangler with Daddy) Mike called to see if I wanted to meet for breakfast.

So I came home, picked him up, and we went down the road to a yummy breakfast restaurant overlooking a little lake with bright blue skies, duck swimming, and no wait! We went over our household finances-  as I have been asking him to help me put together an updated budget for some time. Getting a Certified Financial Planner to dedicate time to his household finances is, suprisingly, no easy task!

So we took our meeting “offsite”.

Not only did we get unbelivable bacon, the best cheese grits ever and a solid budget… but we also decided to start  having a breakfast date the first week of every month.

What a perfect date- kids are in school (no sitter to schedule and pay), everyone is at work (no wait) and it starts the day by reminding us what is really important – each other.