Pink Toes and Bows

Daddy getting ready to take the girls to school. He loves him morning time with his little girls!

Our girls have taken to crawling into our Queen sized bed in the middle of the night.  At 5:00 am I woke to Kenley’s pink toenails in my scalp and Britton lying diagnoal across my knees. 

Did I mention that our bed is queen sized? My husband is 6′. We are warm, tight and snuggly.  Maybe a little too much so.  Even though her little pink toes are quite cute!

Kenley picked out her headband for school this morning so I had to take a quick shot. Her Daddy thought they looked quite cute. It’s challenging to make navy blue uniforms spiffy, but the Robinson girls manage to do it on occassion.

Been busy sewing this week- mailed off Railey’s top yesterday. Now onto the blue/white dresses. Now those will be cute.

Valentine Top for my Godchild in Atlanta, Railey
Kenley’s “Apple” Top to coordinate with Britton’s Owl Dress

Britton’s “Owl” Dress

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