Sunday Again

Some weeks the days go by so slow you think it will never end.

Then there are those weeks that fly by so fast, you may have only just blinked.

This was on of those weeks.

We had our usual full week of school and afternoon activities. Then you throw in the Thomasville Antique Show Preview (cocktail) party on a Thursday night,  back to Thomasville to hear a lecture on Saturday, followed by lunch and shopping, taking dinner to our sweet friends who recently lost their baby boy, laundry, playdates, cooking.. And then poof!  It’s Sunday and a new week has begun all over again.

Now I am not one to give fashion tips or decorating tips- because let’s face it- most of my clothes come from Target. But a well known interior designer, Laura Hunt, delivered the lecture on Saturday and it was amazing. Her website is She has the ability to create beautiful homes that you can still sit and relax it. Not an easy combonation to concoct.

Now it’s time to rally the troops for Sunday school and church. Big Daddy needs to stay behind to begin sprucing up the house for the baby shower I am hosting for my best friend in 2 weeks with 50 guests!

Let the honey do list begin….