Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Is this a happy, well-adjusted child, or what?

Kenley’s class

Britton lining up for the Spring Hat Parade. Only B would have designed a veil for her hat wearing.

These eggs have candy?!
The PreK3 class getting ready for Easter Egg Hunting
Britton in the 1st grade Spring Hat parade around her school. Her classmates took turns holding her veil that SHE designed at JoAnnes.

Mr. Robinson

My friend Shea called me and asked, “Why do you refer to your husband as Mr. Robinson? Is that a joke?”

Although I, briefly, at times have used his first name, I typically try to refrain from using his name on this blog. I don’t want the internet universe to know what town we live in, what school my children attend, or my husband’s first name. With a first name and a city, our family is fair game for any dilluted individual in cyberspace.  Now a days, you type this information in and not only does your address pop up on the screen, but click on the link and you have youself a map to the location!

In fact an old college of my Mom’s was able to get in touch with her last year- using a search engine which took her to my blog. From there she was able to read and find information which allowed her to use a couple more search strings to find my Mom.


I have since removed this blog from all search engines and make a consorted effort not to post photos of other children, or photos of the children’s crest on their uniform.
So yes, Mr. Robinson it is!

Misses Robinson

Sewing the Day Away

I spent the better half of today at my ‘sewing corner’ in my bedroom- what a perfect day!  I had bought the adorable fabric a while back, but have not yet made anything until today. These can be their spring break dresses since we will be visiting the Gulf Coast shortly.
Have a great week!

Prayer as an Action

Last week Mr. Robinson asked me, out of the blue, if I was still “praying for him”. He was referring to the book Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.  I read the book about a year ago, and for a while was very consistent in applying those prayers to my husband’s life.

I hesitantly admitted that no, I had not prayed those specifics prayers for him for some time. We changed the subject and probably started to do paper, scissor rocks over whose turn it was to bathe children.

To be honest, I do not consistently read my Bible at night lately. I used to read a chapter a night, but like most moms, house work, my job, children, homework, cooking, carpooling, and cleaning demand constant attention. God on the other hand, does not demand anything. So to the backseat He goes.

About 5 nights ago, Mr. Robinson was fast asleep as were the girls. I decided to find my notebook where I had recorded the 30 prayers of a praying wife. I read and prayed each of those 30 prayers.

Here are just a few of them:

  1. Work – bless the work of Mr. Robinson’s hands
  2. Mind- protection on his mind. Help him to discern Your voice from any other.
  3. Reputation-  I pray that Mr. Robinson will have a reputation that is untarnished (Proverbs 27:21)
  4. Marriage- Protect our marriage from anything that could harm or destroy it.
  5. Talk- Guard his mouth so that he will only speak words edify and bring life. Help him not be a complainer or a grumbler.
  6. Self Image- That Mr. Robinson will find his identity in You. Give him ears to hear Your voice telling him that it will not be his perfection that gets him through life successfully, but yours.
  7. Fatherhood- Teach him to be a good father. Where it was not modeled to him according to Your ways, heal those areas anad help him to forgive his father.
  8. Walk- I pray that YOU would direct Mr. Robinson’s steps. Lead him in YOUR light, teach him YOUR ways, so he will walk in YOUR truth.

As I was out and about this afternoon with the girls, Mr. Robinson calls my cell phone. He says that a client just referred another client to him.  The kind of customer who can directly impact his business therefore our livelyhood. No names were mentioned, as well, he cannot release names. Nor does it matter.  What does matter, is the circumstances and timeline of how it all took place.

Just last month, Mr. Robinson had made the comment that with this economy, referrals would be even more imperative and appreciated, and how unfortunate it was that individuals rarely referred others to him.

Even though they are happy with Mike’s financial services. Same reason I don’t read the bible every day- it’s not that they don’t like Mr. Robinson, in fact he is good at what he does and their portfolios consistently increase in value. Nonetheless, who sits around thinking… ‘Hmm, who can I refer to Mr. Robinson today?’ We are all busy in our own lives. That is life.

But given the timeline of this comment, this prayer, and this answer.. it was yet another lovingly nudge from our Father telling us, A hum- I bet you’ve missed me now!

It’s not just a bumper sticker.

Prayer really does work.