Blog to Books

The primary reason I have been updating this blog for the past several years, is to compile my daughter’s “electronic baby book” for prosperity.  I don’t allow search engines to discover the blog, don’t publish it anywhere, don’t typically tell my friends about it.

It’s my little snippet of the world wide web that’s all about my family. Just recording our day to day lives so that one day when things slow down, I can recall these most precious times.

My baby girl is four now, for crying out loud. I blink and poof- they are no longer babies. We are now a house of little girls.

For Christmas, my mom took the past several years and created my blog to book form. Each year is a pink, hard bound book capturing the highs and lows, in’s and out’s of our lives.

Kenley found the 2009 volume yesterday and sat for a long time flipping through the pages. 

Ahh, to occassionally see the fruits of my labor is a sigh of relief.