Britton’s First Soccer Practice

Despite freezing temperatures, eating grass, and no prior experience, Britton did suprisingly well at her first soccer practice.
I’ve heard that parents can take their own talents, or lack thereof, and project them onto their children.
I believe this to be true.
I haven’t signed B up for many sports, because frankly, I was never very athletic, and just assumed that she wouldn’t be either.
Ballet – of yes, she has done that.
Drama- sure, doing it now.
Arts and crafts? Who doesn’t love to draw?!
Sports? Well let’s put it this way… at age 6 1/2 this is our first team sport activity and so far.. She loves IT and.. ya, pretty darn good at dribbling the ball (is that the word) and guarding it. 
She even got a goalie at practice (again- these may be cheerleading terms for all I know).
Can’t wait to get her schedule and see if I have managed to procreate a child that thrives in team sports…
To be continued.

* Edited to add: My friend Shea called me laughing at loud that I used the term “goalie” to describe the action when the ball goes through the goal. Apparently this is called a “goal’, not a “goalie”. And no Shea, I wasn’t trying to be funny but thank you for the correction.

I can just see my at the game on Saturdays saying to the parent next to me, “There goes my Britton with another Goalie. She is good!”

Still not sure if your dribble that ball on down the field.. I know there was a cheer we used to do to dribble that ball on down the court… Anyone?