Britton’s Soccer Game

Hmmm, do we want to get super close to the ball? Afterall, she did get smashed in the face last week.
Protecting her goal box- Uncle Matt would be proud.
Check out her pink & black soccer shoes.  
Organized sports are a great way to boost the confidence of little girls.
Ahh yes, I do want to get on top of that ball!
Britton had her second soccer game Saturday morning. Let me tell you, what a treat it was to watch.  I asked the coach to put her on the same team as her classmates, so my 6 year plays on the age 7-8 team.  This age difference was obvious when Mr. Robinson and I immediately sized up the other team.  She is by far the shortest one on the team, and has the biggest smile on her face when playing. 
Britton, of course, didn’t seem to notice. Instead of giving the other team an evil eye (not that I would encourgae that, ha), Britton just wanted to go say hello to her classmate Jonathan on the other team.
During one of the breaks, Coach Hillary is giving the team (they named themselves The Snakes) a peptalk. Once she finishes, Britton looks up at her, flashes her silver sparkly painted nails and asks, “Coach Hillary, do you wike my nails?”
Here is another perfect example of why I love this age.
The coach rotates the players in and out of the game, and they all play various positions throughout the game.
During the second half, Britton was playine goalie.  She was so proud to wear the red penny and stand in the box.  Ball after ball was getting by here and the other team (so much taller) continued scoring.  I heard one older brother mutter something underneath his breath.  My tail feathers started to ruffle but I let it slide- making a point to say to Mr. Robinson- something like, “She’s doing pretty good considering she’s only had one practice and one game in her life”.
Britton looks over at me in the bleachers- and I brace myself. 
I already have the perfect pep talk prepared in my mind. 
You’re doing great. I know you can do it. Good effort.
“Mommyyyy” she yells across the field.  “Are you getting this on video?”