More Meme-isms

Meme- March 2010
We celebrated my birthday, yet again, on Sunday night.
As we sat down at the large dining room table, family gathered to enjoy or meal- in shuffles Meme.
She is dressed to the nines, like always. Jewelery, make up, no wrinkles.
Meme walks over to the table where we are sitting, holding pictures, and hands them to my sister.
Sara Britton takes them and begins thumbing through them nonchantantly as she chews on her pizza and sips her red wine.
Doesn’t take Sara Britton but a moment to notice that they are not photos of Meme’s children, or grandchildren for that matter. Indeed, they are photos of her deceased Yorky ‘Rhett’. Yes, photos of her dead dog laying in his bed before he was buried in her backyard. That would have been AFTER Dale built Rhett a top of the line casket in his master wood-working workshop.
Uncle Karl said when he dies, he wants Dale to build his casket. How dysfunctional is my family?
Only my Meme would run and grab her camera to snap a few last minute photos of Rhett. 
Oh Meme- what to do with you??