Mr. Robinson

My friend Shea called me and asked, “Why do you refer to your husband as Mr. Robinson? Is that a joke?”

Although I, briefly, at times have used his first name, I typically try to refrain from using his name on this blog. I don’t want the internet universe to know what town we live in, what school my children attend, or my husband’s first name. With a first name and a city, our family is fair game for any dilluted individual in cyberspace.  Now a days, you type this information in and not only does your address pop up on the screen, but click on the link and you have youself a map to the location!

In fact an old college of my Mom’s was able to get in touch with her last year- using a search engine which took her to my blog. From there she was able to read and find information which allowed her to use a couple more search strings to find my Mom.


I have since removed this blog from all search engines and make a consorted effort not to post photos of other children, or photos of the children’s crest on their uniform.
So yes, Mr. Robinson it is!

Misses Robinson