Never ending lists

Tuesday night. 7:25 pm and I am still trying to acomplish the following:

  1. Finish icing the 25 birthday cupcakes we are baking for Kenley’s class tomorrow morning
  2. Purchase Britton’s chin guards, clets, socks and soccer ball for her first practice tomorrow afternoon
  3. Arrange for Britton to get a ride with my friend after school to soccer practice
  4. buy Kenley’s birthday gift
  5. confirm dinner reservations for family dinner tomorrow night
  6. Put away clean laundry that has been folded and sitting for two days
  7. work on Courtney’s baby gift- shower next week
  8. Return emails for work
  9. Put together proposal for State of Florida which is due tomorrow- crap!
  10. Get Kenley ready for bed, brush teeth- prayers- lay out outfit for tomorrow- clean out lunch box from today so I can repack lunch box in the am
  11. send in field trip permission form that is due
  12. burn photos on CD for B’s teacher that I promised weeks ago
  13. pay bills that are due this week
  14. get off this dang blog so I can continue to try to get everything checked off my list tonight!!