Bath Time

Britton takes a new found interest, and great pride I might add, in giving Kenley a bath. 

After supper, she follows Kenley to their bathroom.  Britton starts the water, adjusts the temperature, fills it with bubbles, gets Kenley undressed, helps her in, and washes her hair.

Meanwhile Britton stands fully dressed in the bathroom, with hands on hips, telling K what to do- and what NOT to do.

Tonight, I peeked in to check things out. 

Kenley is frockling in the suds with her shiny cute fanny sticking out and dimple just a showing.

Britton looked over at me with that brown curly hair and pink cheeks and said, “I’ve already washed her hair Mommy. I am letting her play for 5 more minutes and then I am washing her butt.”