What a weekend

Britton spent the night out for the first time Friday night. And wouldn’t you know it was with a BOY!

Get homesick?

Not a chance.

Turn around to kiss mommy on the way out the door?


Britton had a blast playing with legos, Bakugons and Ben 10 movies. 

Saturday we went to an outdoor youth event in Monticello where Kenley didn’t think Smokey the bear was so cute.  The girls got to see BOTH set of grandparents over the course of the weekend, while Big Daddy and I covered territory from Monticello, to Havana to Thomasville. 

There were bridal showers, more bridal showers, 4 Wheeler riding, hayrides, wildlife, dinner with friends and lots of FUN.
Nothing like some quality time in the outdoors, in the car, and with the family.

On the way home last night from a day full o’ fun, Kenley announced “Dis was de best day eva Daddy.”

Indeed it was.