Star Gazing

Britton’s school is having a Book Fair this week.

She asked me if she could buy a book that her friend Alex has. It costs $11 and she offered to buy it herself.
A book? Sure.

So she counted out $13 in bills and quarters and headed to school en route for the book fair.
She said the book was really cool book and had lots of pictures and facts.

When I picked her up from school yesterday, she had a ‘Barbie and the Mermaid Tale’ sticker book for Kenley (she had extra money- so thoughtful), but accidentally left her brand new book on the playground. When she went back to get it – gone.

We had a brief chat about responsibility (leaving book on the playground) and honesty (someone taking her book).

Come 3:00 today, the girls are buckled into the back seat, munching on their after school snacks and bottled water. Britton says, “Hey Mom I found my book! Do you want to see it?” as she hands it to me.

It is a book on MOVIE STARS- Miley Cyrus, George Lopez, Rhianna… and FACTS about them!

Note to self- 6 going on 16.


Family Night

Tuesday Nights are “Family Night” at our neighborhood club. This means Mama doesn’t have to cook, OR clean, golf cart rides, Sprite, looking for deer, throwing rocks at the lake, and sometimes even fun on the golf course.
Britton got her first golf lesson, compliments of her Daddy.

Who wants to go on a golf cart ride?
Britton’s first golf lesson
Looking for fish

When K put on this dress today. she said, “I wore dis zwess to da hospidal wid Sassy”.
Holy Cow- yes, at her Shands visit last fall she wore this dress.
How could she POSSIBLY remember that??

Happy Birthday Aunt Coco

Happy 33rd Birthday to our fabulous Aunt Coco!
She turns 33 today and has her first baby boy on his way in about 6 weeks! We cannot wait to meet him!
In fact, we have LOTS of babies on the way… Angela, Autumn, Shea, Kilty, Darby (last week), Jessica… and someone else who is very important in our lives. More details to follow….
On another note, Mom took the girls to a Farm Party Saturday night. B got to sport her latest top ‘A Day in Paris’. Finally, I have mastered the ruffle. Watch out, I may start making ruffled shirts for Mr. Robinson too!Tres Chic!

Auction 2010

We had a great time last night.
Attended a live auction benefiting our children’s school.  This picture pretty much sums up the night!