9th Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary today by taking the day OFF. Well, a half day at least.
Big Daddy and I worked until 11 am then packed our bathing suits, hooked the boat to the trailor and headed down to the coast.  We enjoyed a private island that we shared only with the seagulls (who else would be there on a Wednesday?), gorgeous weather, sunshine, wind, country music and Bud Light.
On the way home we stopped at Angelos, and had a dinner on the deck overlooking the bay – without having to play tic tac toe waiting for our food or bribe anyone to eat their $12 fried shrimp.
And on the drive home, we listened to OUR music on the radio, played no DVDs and didn’t feel like a referee.
We realize how fortunate we are to not only still be married, but actually be in love with one another.  Not just going through the motions.
I used to think it was just good luck, but I know now that marriage is when God placed luck AND hard work before you.
Lucky for me, I knew a good thing when I saw it- and I said YES to that cute 23 year old boy bended down on one knee in his Old Navy khakkis and plaid button down.  Oh, we were young young then. 
Probably didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. Now 9 years later, 2 children, sister’s wedding, first steps, 2 miscarriages, heart surgeries, first words, first house, my father’s funerals, preschool graduations, fights, make ups, moves, new jobs, and lots of laughs— Now I know just how serious a marriage is. So THAT’s why they say it is not to be entered into foolishly. Got it.
So glad he asked. It’s been a great 9 years and looking forward to see what the next many, many years bring!!

The beach was so crowded we could hardly find a place to anchor the boat
Although he has gotten better about relaxing while on the beach, Mr. Robinson still has to fool around with his cast net.
Behind the sea grass was a marsh on the island. In all the years I had been to Dog Island, had never noticed this.
Kids? What kids?