A Boone Family Wedding

My mom recapped this weekend best:

“Wonderful weekend. I saw Boone again…….everywhere. It was a Kuersteiner wedding and his face was so very visable in all his brother’s and sister’s faces, his nieces and nephews faces, our children and our grandchildren’s faces. Beautiful wedding, beautiful family, beautiful memories!”

Bridesmaids luncheon mom and I hosted at her house.
Nothing like flowers clipped from your own backyard.
Rehearsal Dinner was held at a local gardens where my paternal grandmother used to attend meetings.
The Wedding Cake
View from front door of the Plantation
Kenley loves her Uncle Map
Some of the little cousins.. some.
Through the gates and up the driveway to my Aunt and Uncle’s Plantation.
Clayton and Kenley- both 4. Their mom’s are first cousins which we think makes them 2nd Cousins

My Dad once said, at my cousin’s wedding, that the only times families get together is for weddings and funerals- how true it seems.