Donald Trump, Jr.

Many Americans are motived by money.

My 6-year-old is no exception.

After reflecting on the attitudes of her heart, I decided to try a game geared towards my little girl’s mind.


I got two plastic cups. Drew a smiling face on one cup, and  a sad face on the other cup.  I evenly distrributed coins into each cup. (Of course I had to make cups for the other child as well). Whenever they make a good choice, use good manners, willingly compliment others, do things after being asked once, don’t whine, etc….. a coin from the sad jar, goes to the happy-faced jar. And vice-versa. 

You get the picture.

At the end of the week, all the money in their happy jars is theirs to spend!

Boy oh boy is this working for my child who knows what she wants in life! She has taken to compensation-driven game like it was the olympics.

It has made such a difference. Suprisingly, even though the coins are primarily pennies (and they know the value of each coin) she is motived none-the-less.

Keep it up girls!