The Flip Side

The flip side of needing an Attitude Adjustment- is a child who requires effortless parenting.

While this term “effortless parenting” will no doubt come back to haunt me one day- since she was born, this particular child has been a breeze. 

Don’t get too jealous- remember, I have two children each on one end of the how-difficult-is-your-child spectrum.

After reflecting on my Attitude-Adjustment-Child last night, I made a meaningful effort today to spend quality time with effortless-parenting-child and made a point to tell her what a good girl she is.

Don’t get me wrong, I tell both my girls I love them and that they are GOOD- because, well– they are. But when a child is always easy, we often times don’t take the time to THANK them and acknowledge this pleasing behavior, yet we are quick to point out the faults and try to promptly correct when they do the wrong thing.

So here’s to thanking our little joys of life for no other reason than just being them!