The Hammock

When I was in high school and throughout college- on sunny days I would drive to Meme’s house and lay in her hammock on the back deck. I have many wrinkles and moles to show for time spent in Meme’s hammock.
For the longest time, I have wanted a hammock for our backyard. Well guess who got a hammock for their birthday?
Thank you Meme!
This afternoon when we got back from the beach, and after we sat at the country club pool which just reopened (yeah!), Mr. Robinson hung my hammock in the backyard.
The four of us tested it out- and true to it’s 500 lb guarantee, it held us all!
As we were laying eggs tonight, I just loved my twinkle lights on the tree, pollen-blow-off-patio, new ferns sprouting, no humidity, hamock-hung-5th easter here yard!