Happy SURPRISE 60th Birthday Party!

We pulled it off!
A Surprise 60th Birthday party for Mom last night… and boy was she surprised!
Thank you Gayle for the beautiful centerpiece!
Gayle, Nancy and Keri arrive early to help set up!
As did Sara Britton… No one was surprised to find their house spotless with music playing throughout (while Dale had mom at the movies).
Waiting for Sass-A-Frass to arrive… her Book Club
Bill and Bunny were running late so Mom’s sister stood off the front porch telling them to RUN
April 18, 2010
Coming in from Walgreens with her packages.
Cupcakes that Leslie made (Sara Britton’s mother-in-law) Yum!
Happy Birthday Meme!!
Meme’s birthday is today, April 19th!!