Kenley Chooses Sides

My father, affectionately known by the girls as “Daddy Boone”, was 1 of 8 children.

My Dad’s brother’s daughter is getting married tomorrow- at the same church Mr. Robinson and I got married almost 9 years ago. Tonight, during the rehearsal dinner my girls stayed with my cousin’s children. 

Did I mention that my cousins have had lots of little-cousins?  When we arrived to pick them up WAY past bedtime, there were probably 13 children under age 15.   They were running up and down the halls, having a good ol’ time.

As we loaded our exhausted yet happy children into the car tonight (no-baths, no PJ) Kenley said, “I wish we had m’ people in our family. We need to have a bigga family.”

Mr. Robinson pointed out that we already have a large family with the 4 of us.

Kenley said, “No we don’t, we need to have mo’ parents and mo’ babies. Can we have mo’ babies Daddy?”

Kenley definately choose her side tonight on this ongoing family discussion.

To Be Continued…..