Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show…..

Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying, and today is no exception.

Here is a quick recap of the past 36 hours.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show…..

1. Yesterday I started the morning off in my office, franticly working on a proposal that was due at 10 am. When suddenly my laptop died- in the middle of my 10 Microsoft screens I was working on. And I mean it DIED. My company’s IT Support drove from our downtown office to my house and said, “Hmmm, I’ve never seen one of these machines just die like this”.’ It takes several days to get a replacement. How does that help me NOW?

2. While trying to figure out how I was going to complete my proposal in time, I noticed it was warm in my house. I called the AC repair guy who came out and told me that we need a new AC Unit and it will run $7,000. Perfect! 

My manager and I were talking about the laptop issue when I told him about the AC- he said, “be careful, bad things usually happen in threes”. (Insert movie’s irnoic thriller music here).

3. Last night as we were putting the girls to bed, family drama hit (not our little family) but serious drama none the less. And that part isn’t funny- and I cannot go into details.

Fast forward to this morning- I am thinking  Ahh, new day!

Once again I am at my computer when I am getting simultaneous calls from both my office and my husband who need immediate information from me.

4. Now I am not one to usually crack under pressure, but given the severity of one the situations- I buckled. I told my co-worker in a very shaky voice to take me off speak phone, and to stop calling me about work, that he needed to take care of it, blah blah. Lovely.

5. Now, it’s 11 am and time for a haircut. Finally- a couple hours to myself. Pampering. Highlighting.
I arrive at the salon, park my car, and reach for my purse. No purse. Of course I left it at home.

6. No problem, they know where to find me. I will just take my laptop in with me to the salon so I can work. Because let’s face it, I may have had a minor breakdown but do they really think I am not going to pull my weight at the office, part time or not?

I have a lovely head massage, a great color (Shirely is awesome), and get 30 minutes of work done while I process (the color that is- nothing else really processed today).

I leave the salon, without paying, and to meet Mr. Robinson for a quick lunch nearby. Ahh, free lunch.

7. We have a yummy meal, ask each other is the other’s eye is twitching, pay for our food and leave.

As I am trying to reverse my huge SUV from a what seems like a compact car space when a waitress comes running across the parking lot screaming, ‘Wait- don’t leave you left your phone.’ (Mr. Robinson’s phone that is).

So I now have no purse, but Mr. Robinson’s phone in my possession as I head toward my Mom’s house. It’s now 1:00 and I should have about 90 minutes to log into my laptop (with Mom’s wireless) and get some work done.

8. As I am pulling into Mom’s driveway, I get a call from the salon. I have left my laptop. @#$%^&*

9. Okay, that settles it- I have to get yet another thing off my plate today. So taking B to soccer practice seems to be a little yet logical task I can delegate to a friend.  Only to drive to B’s school with her soccer bag, meet her friend, have Britton decide she wants ME to take her to the soccer field, where we immediately see a sign reading Fields Closed- No Practice.

10. Fine, we will go home. But wait, we have no money for Mary whose been there all day, and no food. 

This means I have to take the girls to the grocery store–>which means they whine for the expensive yet cheap toys in every aisle->which means I won’t be home in time to pay Mary…

We qucikly charge through the grocery aisles, I even cave and buy Fruit Roll Ups and Colored Dyed Kids Yogurt.  (Mr. Robinson had given me his bank card at lunch).

11. It’s 4:00 and we are making our way home when we pass Mary, on her way out of our neighborhood. We stop in the middle of the road, pay her and finally make it home safely to our garage.

12. As I am unpacking the Fruit Roll Ups and Colored Dyed Kids Yogurt, Mr. Robinson calls and says he is on his way out of  town to help someone and will be back late tonight. No problem, I’ve got it covered.

5:30 The girls continue to tell me they are starving, get fed and everything seems to run smoothly.  We do bath, books, and bed.

13.  8:00 pm- Bubble bath finally. I hear little feet come out of the bedroom for the ump-teeth time, this time with poo-poo on her fanny and on her leopard print night gown. You have got to be kidding. So I scrubbed her poop, give her my bath while I quickly exit the warm bubbles.

It’s now 9 om and I just realized I haven’t eaten since my lunch with Mr. Robinson this afternoon. The girls are still bopping out of bed, but ahhh tomorrow is a new day.