Star Gazing

Britton’s school is having a Book Fair this week.

She asked me if she could buy a book that her friend Alex has. It costs $11 and she offered to buy it herself.
A book? Sure.

So she counted out $13 in bills and quarters and headed to school en route for the book fair.
She said the book was really cool book and had lots of pictures and facts.

When I picked her up from school yesterday, she had a ‘Barbie and the Mermaid Tale’ sticker book for Kenley (she had extra money- so thoughtful), but accidentally left her brand new book on the playground. When she went back to get it – gone.

We had a brief chat about responsibility (leaving book on the playground) and honesty (someone taking her book).

Come 3:00 today, the girls are buckled into the back seat, munching on their after school snacks and bottled water. Britton says, “Hey Mom I found my book! Do you want to see it?” as she hands it to me.

It is a book on MOVIE STARS- Miley Cyrus, George Lopez, Rhianna… and FACTS about them!

Note to self- 6 going on 16.