Britton’s New Beau

In the midst of our wedding-crazed weekend, Britton recently confided in me that she has a “cwush” on her boy friend. Her buddy. Her spend-the-night-cause-we’re-pals friend. 
I was slightly surprised, not because he isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, but because she hasn’t much interest in boys this year, other than to discuss the latest Bakugon collections or Ben10 Alien Man movies.
As she was getting out of her bubble bath tonight, I got tickled when she said she needed to tell me “somethin dat happened at school today”. 
She went onto tell me that she and her new-found-boy-friend saw a “poisonous lizard” (yes, poisonous LIZARD) on the playground and they held hands, and held them for a “long time”.
As she was getting into bed tonight with pink silk PJs and scab picked legs, she said, “I am so excited to have a boy dat actually likes ME mommy!”
Oh sweet thing- I have a feeling that your new beau will first of many boys to actually like YOU.