With the nearing end of school and activities, we have had a theme the last few months.


Finishing what you started.

Britton has a tendency to want to try new things, enjoy it for a while, then loose interest and eventually ready to forgo altogether.

Take the piano for instance, she wanted to take lessons so Sassy and Pops gave her piano lessons for a year. She has decided that she doesn’t like riding in the music school’s bus so she was ready to quit.

Then there was her girls drama school- once she found out that her class had an after school book club on Thursdays, she was ready to say adios Petite Players and hello friends!

Most recently, there was soccer. A team sport. She has asked me for that past 12 months to take soccer so this spring she did.  About 2/3 into the season, she was ready to skip practice and had no interest in the games. She wanted to wear her chin guards OUTSIDE her socks, and play with lip gloss while on the soccer field. 

And last, her church youth group. She wanted to take time off from it second semester, so she did. Why overload a mentally and physically exhausted 6 year old? However several weeks ago, she asked to go back to her GAs (Girls in Action). They were in the midst of rehearsing for their upcoming musical.

Well I am happy to report that Britton not only finished our her piano lessons, but also her soccer season, after school drama classes, AND she was awesome in her church musical this morning!

This is a huge feat for my spirited 6 year old. I made it a point to put my arm around her today and tell her how PROUD I was for her for finishing what she started.

Follow through is such an important trait in many ways.  Following through with your commitments. Way to go Britton!

Now we can rest, relax and enjoy the SUMMER!


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  1. 1' says

    YAY FOR BRITTY! I am amazed that she finished soccer considering that her mama made her wear chin guards instead of shin guards. Poor thing must have had too many bruises to count!