Goodbye First Grade

Mr. Robinson and I watched Fireproof again tonight.

For the third time.

I just love that movie- and even Mr. R flipped his laptop shut to watch it with me.  The acting did not win any Oscars, I know this. But the message sure should have.

My first grader…. almost second grader, is having her End of The Year Class Party tomorrow.
I am sad. First grade flew past way to quickly. Tomorrow is the last “full” day of first grade for Britton. I am too young to have a 2nd grader and B is DEFINITELY too young to be in 2nd grade. She just got potty trained, just learned to swim, just said her first words, and just gazed into my eyes as the nurse put her on my chest for the first time.. all swaddled in her white and pink blanket with that head full of hair.

And I have a feeling that the years will just speed up each year.

Where is the pause button?


Yesterday B brought me breakfast in bed. She said that since we were out of town for Mother’s Day that she wanted to something special for me today.

Then later in the day, she gave me two hand picked flowers for my hair. They came from her flower arrangement that Mr. Robinson gave her for the play. She said she wanted to share them with me because she loved me, and proceeded to give me a big-huge-make-me-feel-full-hug.