Palmetto Bluff Resort

It’s Springtime! Another weekend, another wedding.

This weekend we packed the car and headed to Bluffton, South Carolina where my cousin Nichole (Dale’s  niece) tied the note overlooking the South Carolina coast.  The property was beautiful with Charleston style homes, wonderful service, delicious food and lots of sunshine. 

The girls rode the bicycles around the resort, and it was such a treat to not have to “worry” about where  Britton was as this is probably one of the few places children could ride their bicycles and be SAFE.

It was a fun vacation with my whole family, and a place we hope to return to one day soon.
What a great way to spend Mother’s Day!

Even better, when I got home Mr. Robinson mowed the lawn,, unpacked the car, bathed the children, detailed my  car, and ordered take-out so I wouldn’t have to cook.

Happy Mother’s Day!